Jesus, according to John 5:17 says “My Father worketh until now; and I work.

God has always been doing something for the good of mankind, including the Philippines! It is but proper, in my opinion, to be sensitive enough to see and appreciate these beautiful things. Let us be grateful!

This website, a personal one, has been created to share from a perspective of an OFW who watches the Philippines from a distance.

The author was born in 1957 and has somehow seen and experienced the peace and prosperity of that generation which has just come from the horrors of World War 2. He had lived in one of the government housing projects (PHHC) in Mandurriao , Iloilo City during his childhood days. He saw the almost perfect housing program where the lot had about 325 sq mtrs of space , with a backyard for a vegetable garden and a house with 3 bedrooms. Water supply was then abundant ,  almost free and we have even played with it.

Their food was good! His parents made them fresh juices of calamansi or dalandan. Coffee was natural “barako”. Chocolates were of cacao, “tabliya”. They had red sugar. They had red rice.They had fresh carabao or cow’s milk.  Salabat was of “luyang dilaw”  and pure honey was easily available.

Rice cooked in “palayoks” with “uling” was better than of LPG . Ironing of clothes used charcoal too and  “sampayan” was better than electric drying machines. They cost less.

His younger brothers and sisters were born in the house with the help of a “comadrona”. Even that was not a cause of financial worry. All were breast fed. I believe that  God in His goodness did not create food to be a burden for anyone of us, much more life itself. The problem , perhaps , lies in the choices one makes and in the perspective one is in.

He had the privilege to study at a laboratory school, the Iloilo Normal School. It was a public one where he had a good training and which cost his parents almost nothing. Money was not an issue.

His elementary classmates and he had seen a lot of good things about the Philippines . They heard that just a few years after the United Nations Organization was established the president was a Filipino, Carlos P Romulo who he remembered visited the elementary school.

When ASEAN ( Association of Southeast Asian Nations) was founded in 1967 the first president was a Filipino, Ferdinand E Marcos who was later reelected.

It was also during those years when the Filipino brains had been recognized. Doctors, engineers, seamen, and other professionals started to be hired by other countries. OFW was born. Today they have become the source of life.

To me these could be  one of the evidences to prove, looking back connecting the dots, that indeed God has a brighter plan for the country and its people have been shaped to lead the world!

If ever there  is something one should be proud of then it is God’s grace that one should consider and not totally his efforts alone. His blessings are being given to a praying and trusting nation that other countries may follow. At the end of the day all will return to Him! The area of influence has widened throughout the globe entering even the most important places.

Thus, this website has been  named “Manna! Quai! ” as a reminder of God’s generous outpouring of grace to his beloved nation. It is but proper to appreciate and be grateful that all may live with joy in full.

Celestino Nonoy Trono IV


Offshore Worker

Saipem(Oil Pipeline Company)

2 comments on “About

  1. More power to you and this site… Hoping Filipinos around the world and at home can contribute and distribute / share some interesting feedbacks and the good intention of this that will bring enlightenment to better development and progressive economy to all Filipinos and the Philippines.

  2. is gratifying that a person encourage your country of origin to move forward with much entosiasmo, congratulations

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